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Mike Likes:
Comparing electrodeposited bellows to edge welded bellows

Not all metal bellows are created equal. Some have higher life cycles than others. Some are better suited for lower temperatures, while others are more sensitive to pressure. Is an electrodeposited bellows the best choice for your job or application, or should you pick an edge welded bellows?

Here are 13 key performance factors that we call "bellows basics" and that you should consider when making a selection. Use this infographic to help you choose the proper bellows for the job, and if you need a little more advice you can always call on a Servometer bellows specialist, a Technical Support Engineer, for free design assistance.

Also check out these key resources from Servometer:
Bellows Material Specifications
12 Key Factors in the Selection of Bellows
Types of Bellows Ends
Standard Bellows Configurations

Learn more at www.servometer.com.

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[Mike Likes:
Comparing electrodeposited bellows to edge welded bellows]

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