October 03, 2017 Volume 13 Issue 37

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Real-World Sensor Applications:
Aircraft control-column torque measurement

Flight controls require extreme auditing prior to in-flight use. FUTEK's MBA500 Torque and Thrust Biaxial Sensor provides quality-assurance engineers with the appropriate tools to monitor the torque applied to an aircraft's control column (yoke).

Products in use
FUTEK Torque and Thrust Biaxial Sensor (MBA500) paired with Instrumentation (IAA Series Analog Amplifier, IPM650 Panel Mount Display, IHH500 Hand Held Display, and USB Solution).

How it works

  1. Pilots rely heavily on the control column (yoke) to guide the pitch and roll of a plane. By rotating the yoke, a pilot maneuvers on the roll axis. By propelling the yoke forward and backward, the pilot can adjust the elevation and pitch axis.
  2. To ensure that the control column is operating properly, quality-assurance engineers can install FUTEK's MBA500 Torque and Thrust Biaxial Sensor into the yoke.
  3. The MBA500 performs measurements in both the Mz (the roll) and Fz (the pitch) directions. An IAA100 Analog Amplifier with Voltage Output, which combines precision and ease of integration with a 0.005% total error rate, is also used.
  4. These torque and thrust measurements can be read on a digital display, such as FUTEK's IPM650 Panel Mount Display or IHH500 Hand Held Display, or streamed to a PC utilizing FUTEK's USB Solutions.
  5. Once streamed to a PC, that data can then be monitored by FUTEK's SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software.

All FUTEK application illustrations are strictly conceptual. Please contact a FUTEK rep with questions.

Source: FUTEK

Published October 2017

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[Real-World Sensor Applications:
Aircraft control-column torque measurement]

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