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March 17, 2009

Volume 5, Issue 11

Book Describes Laser Displacement Sensor Technology
KEYENCE LK-G CCD Laser Displacement Sensors measure height, position, thickness, warpage, profile, runout, and vibration on any material/surface. They also measure fast moving, vibrating or rotating objects. How do they work? How can you use them? What are the technical factors that contribute to their accuracy, linearity and repeatability? This 14 page illustrated book contains the details. More Info.

In this issue of Designfax:
  • Hothead System Prevents Heatstroke
  • InSinkErator Gets 60% Quieter
  • 250 DVDs On 1 Square Inch
  • Wheels: Ford Gets Proactive On Damage/Repairs
  • 5-Star Product: New IDC Appliance Outlet
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Training For Complex Electronics
  • NEW Videos+: Glue A Whole Trailer Together, Incredible PCB Motors
  • Products: Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical, Motion
  • Special Products: Materials, Fluid Power
  • Cover: H.O.T. System from Hothead Technologies

Feature Articles


GE Sensing & Inspection gets 25 years: longest aerospace contract

Pneumatic firing valve technology gaining US Air Force favor

Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower engine wins Aviation Week Laureate Award

"Nanostitching" could lead to 10x stronger airplane skins and more

Preventing heatstroke is Hothead device's game plan
Developers at Atlanta-based Hothead Technologies have spent years perfecting a dime-size sensor that can be implanted in the forehead pad of new and refurbished football helmets. The sensor tracks the temperature trends of players on the field and sends that data to a proprietary-developed PDA on the sidelines to be monitored in real time.
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Anti-vibration mount makes InSinkErator 60% quieter
The Evolution Series waste disposers from InSinkErator are the company's quietest ever, and they grind foods finer with fewer clogs or jams. Key to the noise reduction is the patented three-component Anti-Vibration Mount assembly designed into the top portion of the disposer where it attaches the disposer to the sink — an assembly that acts as a mounting, sealing, and sound-deadening device all in one.
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What is a slip clutch anyway?
Slip clutches are commonly used to protect a system from damage due to overload, but they serve other applications as well. Some of these applications involve applying constant tension to spools, controlling torque, and indexing mechanisms, to name a few. Polyclutch offers a full line of adjustable and factory preset miniature slip clutches with a maximum torque rating of 750 in/lbs. Visit us at for more information on miniature slip clutches.

250 DVDs on 1 square inch closer to reality
An innovative and easily implemented technique in which nanoscale elements precisely assemble themselves over large surfaces could soon open doors to dramatic improvements in the data storage capacity of electronic media, according to scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
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Wheels: Ford gets proactive on damage resistance/lower repair costs
Ford is opening an industry-first technology center in Inkster, MI, dedicated to finding design solutions and repair procedures that will lower repair costs and ultimately drive down auto insurance premiums. The new Ford Paint and Body Technology Center will leverage the combined expertise of Ford's repair and safety experts, auto repair technicians, and insurance companies to develop affordable, innovative vehicle designs, replacement parts, and repair procedures.
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Sensors Expo & Conference
For 23 Years Sensors Expo & Conference has Been the Only Industry Event in North America Focusing Exclusively on Sensors and Sensor-Integrated Systems! The 2009 event takes place June 8-10 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont , IL. Click here for breaking event news, in-depth information, agenda planning and registration!

5-Star Product: New IDC appliance outlet streamlines assembly
Schurter aims to make electrical connections extra snappy with a first-of-its-kind appliance outlet that uses Insulation Displacing Connectors (IDC) technology. Series 6610 is ideal for use in power distribution units and other equipment where multiple outlets are banked in series.
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Engineer's Toolbox: Free TechCast training for new/complex electronics
Wondering where to get the latest technical information on how digital potentiometers can replace mechanical ones (Maxim), or switching regulator fundamentals (National Semiconductor), or using the latest Xlamp LEDs (Cree)? Multi-channel electronics distributor Newark is working hard to put all of that updated info in one easy-to-access — and free — place.
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Videos+: Trailer Adhesives, Incredible PCB Motor

NEW! Glue A Whole Trailer Together
View the step-by-step assembly of a 7x10-ft trailer using Loctite adhesives and sealants. No mechanical fasteners were used to provide structural stability in this application, yet the end result was a tougher, more reliable, and better looking trailer with reduced manufacturing costs.
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Incredible PCB Motors
Danish motion control innovators at PCBMotor put piezo ceramics to impressive use in this excellent introduction to their system of building one or more motors directly onto a PCB. Sign up for a more in-depth whitepaper, and be sure to tell CEO Henrik Staehr-Olsen that Designfax sent you.
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