World's first roll-to-roll organic LEDs developed

Growing video surveillance market characterized as new California gold rush

First interdisciplinary Robotics Ph.D. offered

New single-skin crashworthy material for aircraft fuel bladders released; additive adhesives are nixed to reduce VOCs

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  • Medical Device Technology Heats Up
  • New Technologies For Metal Replacement
  • 3D CAD/CAM Cuts Die Costs
  • Bat-Inspired Spy Plane Under Development
  • Wheels: Battling Tough Truck Idling Regs
  • 5-Star Product: Correct Alignment Problems
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Watts up, man?
  • Products: Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical, Motion
  • Special: Adhesives Products

Feature Articles

Medical device technology heats up
Preventing mild hypothermia is only one of the reasons for adding a heat source to your medical equipment. Heat may also be used to incubate cultures, add warm humidity to respiratory equipment, heat fluids before injection into the body, stabilize equipment performance, enhance surgical procedures, sterilize instruments, and a myriad other applications.
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New technologies for metal replacement
One important area of focus for DuPont is the drive for metal replacement in response to escalating natural gas and energy costs. Lighter weight, higher performance materials are desired in many markets, including automotive and electronics. DuPont technology solutions in development include polymers with high temperature resistance, superstructural capabilities, and thermal conductivity.
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3D CAD/CAM cuts die costs for coated-webbing maker
In the past, narrow-coated webbing manufacturer BioPlastics used a 2D system to design customized extrusion dies used for applying plastic coating to webbing. The die designs would then be sent to an outside vendor for machining, and the vendor would re-create the design using their CAD/CAM program. "It was inefficient, and it cost us money," says BioPlastics design engineer Bob Sherwin.
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Sensors for bat-inspired spy plane under development

A 6-in. robotic spy plane modeled after a bat would gather data from sights, sounds, and smells in urban combat zones and transmit information back to a soldier in real time. That's the Army's concept, and it has awarded the University of Michigan College of Engineering a five-year, $10-million grant to help make it happen.
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Wheels: Micro-cell battery battles tough truck idling regulations
Since January 2008, trucks in California are now restricted to just five minutes of engine idling time per hour. It is part of a wave of increasingly stringent, state-by-state regulations introduced across the nation to help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, toxins, and pollutants — and to save fuel. One company trying to provide an answer to the anti-idling regulations for truckers is battery technology specialist Firefly Energy.
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5-Star Product: Correct alignment problems in automated assembly
Excessive contact force is the main problem in many assembly applications, often causing galling, jamming, and broken parts. The Compensator is a remote center-of-compliance (RCC) device that is designed to correct alignment errors with peg-in-hole automated assembly applications.
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Engineer's Toolbox: Watts up, man?
Watts up? PRO is a "plug-load" meter that measures, displays, and logs the amount of electricity used by whatever is connected to its three-pin line socket. Fast, intuitive, and easy to use, Watts up? PRO quickly and accurately shows the consumption of any 110-V product up to 15 A.
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