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April 7, 2009

Volume 5, Issue 13

ID/OD Retaining Ring Lock
Need a low cost, unseen, high strength, tamper proof, rotating joint? Try a Spiral retaining ring in both an internal and external groove at the same time. First install the ring in one groove and than compress the ring with the mating component into the second groove. When the grooves meet the ring snaps into place.

Smalley Steel Ring Company is a manufacturer of spiral retaining rings and wave springs. Smalley has over 6,000 standard parts from 1/4” to 16” as well as specials from .200” to 90”; all are available in carbon and stainless steel, with No-Tooling-Charges. For more information visit Smalley on line.

In this issue of Designfax:
  • Actuator For Packaging Diverter
  • Air Force Saves $300M In Turbine Engine Repair
  • Manufacturing Inefficiency: Energy Wasting
  • Wheels: Humvee Rides Get Smoother
  • 5-Star Product: Joysticks Rated For 7M Ops
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Super Air Gun Power
  • NEW Videos+: Lightweight Your World / Fiberforge
    How Green Is Your Gearmotor?
  • Products: Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical, Motion
  • Special Products: Adhesives
  • Cover: Continental's ABS for motorcycles

Feature Articles


Continental introduces small, lightweight anti-lock braking system for motorcycles

Mazda develops world-first automated recycling technology for end-of-life vehicle bumpers

Nano brushes could greatly improve electric motors

Mussels, inkjet printing make up latest medical adhesive innovation

Actuator for packaging diverter is real space-saver
Engineers at Hytrol Conveyor Company, one of the world's largest producers of conveyor systems, needed a space-saving solution when designing a diverter for an overhead pull-off system that would divert 150-lb boxes to a different conveyor line. For help with their solution, they turned to Tolomatic of Hamel, MN, manufacturers of rodless-style actuators.
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Air Force program saves nearly $300M in turbine engine repair
Engineers at the Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate are succeeding in reducing the operation and support costs associated with aircraft jet engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul under the Engine Rotor Life Extension program .
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Using the latest in production methods, some specially developed by FAULHABER, the company has come up with a modular design that is limited to just a few components and entirely eliminates the need for adhesive-bonded joints. Despite the compact dimensions, the new four-pole concept of the series ensures a high continuous torque of up to 12.2 mNm, with a flat gradient of the n/M characteristic curve.
For technical data, free instruction manual and a video visit MicroMo online.

Manufacturing inefficiency
Modern manufacturing methods are spectacularly inefficient in their use of energy and materials, according to a detailed MIT analysis of the energy use of 20 major manufacturing processes. Overall, new manufacturing systems are anywhere from 1,000 to one million times bigger consumers of energy, per pound of output, than more traditional industries.
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Wheels: Active dampers prove their Humvee mettle
Rides in U.S. Humvees could be smoother in the future. Vibration, motion, and noise control specialist LORD Corporation recently announced the performance level of their Magneto-Rheological (MR) active shock absorbers for military vehicle primary suspensions.
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5-Star Product: Resistive joysticks rated for 7 million operations
It's all in the touch when it comes to precision joystick maneuvering — and we're not talking PlayStation 3 here.
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Engineer's Toolbox: Unleash the force of 30 ordinary air guns
Think of it as a compressed-air Super Soaker for grown-ups! (OK, never mind. This product has "safety" in its title.) EXAIR's new single-air-nozzle Super Blast Safety Air Gun delivers 23 lb of blowing force.
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Videos+: Lightweight Your World, Green Gearmotor

NEW! Lightweight Your World Using Fiberforge
Who doesn’t want parts as tough as titanium at the cost of aluminum? Whether you need a part made or are interested in manufacturing your own high-strength carbon fiber parts, this excellent video from Fiberforge is a great introduction to leveraging the benefits of thermoplastic advanced composites to meet your performance/cost needs.
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How Green Is Your Gearmotor?
In response to customer desires to increase efficiency in equipment employing fractional horsepower gearmotors, Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. introduces its new 107 series Verdant Duty™ gearmotors in 5 standard, off-the-shelf models. Rated at 1/20 hp (37.3 W) at 230 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase, they feature an operating range from 6 to 90 Hz to provide a 15:1 range of adjustable output speeds in applications requiring no maintenance.
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