New night vision cameras get more powerful

This should be a breeze: Timken invests in China's energy market

Race to develop 100-mpg cars off and running

Boeing, Toyota to keynote International Abaqus Users' Conference 2008

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  • The Jig Is Up: CNC Engineers New Guitar Heroes
  • Designing The Hydrogen Future With DFMA
  • Medical: Large Flows Measured With Small Sensors
  • Rare Earth Gets Even More Attractive
  • Wheels: Car Heating Gets Sucked Into The Vortex
  • 5-Star Product: Custom Membrane Switches
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Handheld Laser Distance Meters
  • Products: Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical, Motion
  • Special: Software Products

Feature Articles

The jig is up: CNC engineers new guitar heroes
With recent software and engineering innovations, CNC machining is finally coming out of the factories and into home workshops. For the complex craft of guitar building, Seattle-area Luthier Tool Company has found many contemporary ways to engineer the instruments that make instruments. Owner Chris Klumper made the leap from hand-working to a personal CNC machine from Tormach.
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Designing the future with DFMA
How do you create and cost a detailed, realistic design using components and processes that don't exist yet? That was the challenge facing Directed Technologies of Arlington, VA, when the Department of Energy contracted with them to design automotive hydrogen fuel cell systems — as they might be built in 2006, 2010, and 2015. To create the three systems, the engineers at DTI employed Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) software from Boothroyd Dewhurst.
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Medical: Large flows measured with small sensors
Today physicians are requiring electronic measurement to monitor gas flow, which provides increased accuracy and reliability, as well as allowing for the capture of an accurate log of the progress of specific treatments. By utilizing MEMS (microelectrical mechanical systems), highly accurate and stable mass flow measurements are delivered. Many MEMS mass flow sensors offer easier integration and cost savings when compared to other flow measurement products.
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Rare earth: Magnet alloy stays strong — even at 200°C

Ask Iver Anderson at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory about consumer interest in, and desire for, "ultragreen" electric-drive vehicles, and he'll reply without a moment's hesitation that the trend is unstoppable and growing fast. Anderson and his colleagues have designed a high-performance permanent magnet alloy that operates with good magnetic strength at 200°C to help make electric-drive motors more efficient and cost effective.
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Car heating gets sucked into the vortex
Near-instantaneous heat for driver comfort and improved safety from optimum defrosting capabilities in cold-weather climates will soon be a reality in the automotive industry due to advanced technology being developed by global automotive supplier Webasto. The Webasto Liquid Heat Generator (LHG) will be an independent, on-demand engine heating system that is a major technological departure from the typical auto heat process.
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5-Star Product: Custom membrane switches with icon, key ring lighting
Just how cool can a control display be? Custom membrane switches that feature precise graphic icon and key ring lighting in an ultra-thin package for a wide range of OEM applications, where capacitive and mechanical switches would be too thick, are now available from EASTPRINT.
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Engineer's Toolbox: New handheld laser distance meters
More accurate than ultrasonic devices and much more convenient than a tape measure, Series A Handheld Laser Distance Meters are offered in a number of model choices: The Handy One, The Robust One, The Versatile One, and The Data Transfer One.
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