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Continental's two-step plan aims to wean automobiles from hydraulic brakes

World's first voiceless phone call made using TI microprocessor

In this issue:
  • Precision To "Die" For In Beverage Can Making
  • Hydraulics: Design More Robust Cylinders
  • New High-Resolution Bolt Is A Smart Fit
  • Big Increase In Thermoelectric Efficiency Achieved
  • Wheels: Prototype Auto Engine Produces 27% Fuel Savings
  • 5-Star Product: Control Computers Half A Mile Away
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Whiplash Gets One-Two Punch
  • Products: Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical, Motion
  • Special: Fluid Power

Feature Articles

Precision to "die" for in beverage can making
In the world of beverage can manufacturing, the quality of the dies that shape each can directly impact manufacturing quality and productivity. Addressing the demand for more precise, longer-lasting dies, Pride Engineering developed the Model 30 Air Bearing Grinder, a five-axis air bearing carbide die grinder that uses the Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion MTX CNC controller and drive platform.
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Hydraulics: Design more robust cylinders
Increasing industry challenges — including temperature, hydrolysis resistance, and bio-friendly fluid compatibility — continue to drive demands for better-performing seal designs and materials. To help engineers create more robust cylinders for use in a variety of agricultural, material handling, and construction equipment applications, Simrit has designed and tested a number of new sealing systems.
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New high-resolution bolt is a smart fit
Seeing is believing, they say. Critical bolted joints often require exacting tightening procedures to establish the optimum clamp load. Direct Tension Indicator (DTI) SmartBolts were invented by Stress Indicators, Inc., to set up the proper bolt tension with no need for torque wrenches, strain gages, wires, or electronic or ultrasonic equipment. In fact, there is no need to touch or contact the fastener at all in order to verify its clamp load condition. A simple glance is sufficient.
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Dramatic increase in thermoelectric efficiency achieved

Researchers at Boston College and MIT have used nanotechnology to achieve a major increase in thermoelectric efficiency, a milestone that paves the way for a new generation of products — from semiconductors and air conditioners to car exhaust systems and solar power technology — that run cleaner. The team's low-cost approach involves building tiny alloy nanostructures that can serve as micro-coolers and power generators.
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Wheels: New 2- and 4-stroke prototype auto engine produces 27% fuel savings
Ricardo and a consortium of automotive partners recently completed an advanced prototype research program based on the highly innovative 2/4SIGHT engine concept. This gasoline engine concept uses novel combustion, boosting, control, and valve actuation technologies to enable automatic and seamless switching between two- and four-stroke operation, with the aim of delivering significant performance and fuel economy improvements through aggressive downsizing.
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5-Star Product: Control computers half a mile away
Conventional cable-linked KVMs (keyboard, video, mouse devices) max out at about 500 ft, but the new CyberResearch wireless LVCW KVMs have an unobstructed range of 3,000 ft. Not only do they increase range by a factor of six compared to cable, they also slash costs by eliminating the hassles associated with laying cables. Simple antenna alignment is all you need.
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Engineer's Toolbox: Whiplash gets one-two punch
Even a crash-test dummy needs a little help sometimes. If you're the physical BioRID II dummy, help comes in the form of new advanced finite element analysis (FEA) software that may — just may — take the blows for you once in a while. SIMULIA's Abaqus BioRID II (Biofidelic Rear Impact Dummy II) model, in combination with the physical BioRID II crash test dummy, is used by automotive OEMs and suppliers to evaluate the realistic performance of seats and head restraint systems.
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