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hyperMILL 2024 CAD/CAM software suite

OPEN MIND Technologies has introduced its latest hyperMILL 2024 CAD/CAM software suite, which includes a range of powerful enhancements to its core toolpath capabilities, as well as new functionality for increased NC programming efficiency in applications ranging from 2.5D machining to 5-axis milling. New and enhanced capabilities include: Optimized Deep Hole Drilling, a new algorithm for 3- and 5-axis Rest Machining, an enhanced path layout for the 3D Plane Machining cycle, better error detection, and much more.
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Find test data issues faster: AI Anomaly Detector

It can take months of manual engineering time to detect test data abnormalities. Now the task can be performed in a flash. Artificial intelligence software provider Monolith has developed the industry's first AI-powered Anomaly Detector software that can discover a broad range of issues in test data fast -- measurement or sensor errors, user errors, system malfunctions, or incorrect usage of the system during testing. It does this by automating the process of raw test data inspection to look for potential errors or abnormalities across hundreds of test channels.
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Loss-free conversion of 3D/CAD data

CT CoreTech-nologie has further developed its state-of-the-art CAD converter 3D_Evolution and is now introducing native interfaces for reading Solidedge and writing Nx and Solidworks files. It supports a wide range of formats such as Catia, Nx, Creo, Solidworks, Solidedge, Inventor, Step, and Jt, facilitating smooth interoperability between different systems and collaboration for engineers and designers in development environments with different CAD systems.
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Top 5 reasons for solder joint failure

Solder joint reliability is often a pain point in the design of an electronic system. According to Tyler Ferris at ANSYS, a wide variety of factors affect joint reliability, and any one of them can drastically reduce joint lifetime. Properly identifying and mitigating potential causes during the design and manufacturing process can prevent costly and difficult-to-solve problems later in a product lifecycle.
Read this informative ANSYS blog.

How a BattleBot was built using Onshape

Learn how RoboGym Robotics, a veteran BattleBots team, said goodbye to Solidworks and took their design game to the next level using Onshape, the cloud-native, all-in-one CAD and PDM solution. RoboGym was able to analyze key components of their Roundhouse BattleBot like its armor and weapon bar, run simulations, collaborate, iterate, and optimize their design to its fullest.
Read this informative Onshape blog.

Trick to measuring angles in SOLIDWORKS

Learn from the pros at TriMech how to take angle measurements easily in SOLID-WORKS. TriMech has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to SOLIDWORKS tips, and the company is excellent at training too.
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COMSOL Multiphysics Version 6.2 is here

COMSOL Multiphysics Version 6.2 introduces faster solvers for turbulent fluid flow, electric motors, and room acoustics. It also brings data-driven surrogate model functionality for creating multiphysics-based digital twins and building fast and accurate standalone simulation apps. Get the full details of what's new in the latest version.
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17 ways SOLIDWORKS 2024 helps you work faster

SOLIDWORKS 2024 helps designers and engineers work faster than ever. Learn all about improvements to core 3D CAD modeling features, new 3D modeling techniques, and graphical and software performance boosts that will help you get your parts made and your products developed in record time.
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6 tips to streamline workflow in Mastercam 2024

Mastercam 2024 CAD/CAM software has been intentionally upgraded to make programming fast and easy. It prioritizes streamlining workflow so that the entire machining process -- from design to QC -- is as efficient as possible. Learn how to maximize the benefits of Mastercam 2024, including special toolpaths, easier hole-making operations, wireframe shortcuts, and more.
Read this informative Mastercam blog.

How CT data analysis is helping TE Connectivity reach their goal of end-to-end quality inspection

In a bid to cut their mold and part development process to 25% of the time it took in the past, TE Connectivity has taken ambitious steps to interconnect design and simulation with quality measurement. Learn how the company, in collaboration with PTC (Creo) and Volume Graphics, has worked to ensure as-designed parts match as-manufactured parts as early in the process as possible. An in-depth and illuminating read.
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State-of-the-art mesh morphing technology for super optimization: Ansys and RBF Morph join forces

After a long and successful OEM partnership with Ansys, mesh morphing pioneer RBF Morph has two proprietary products featured among the world simulation leader's offerings: Ansys RBF Morph Fluids and Ansys RBF Morph Structures. Thanks to mesh morphing, companies can substantially reduce computational time while performing highly automated design optimization analysis, increasing products' reliability and performance while cutting costs, delivery time, and environmental impact.
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Top Tech Tip: Creating drafts with the rib feature in Onshape

Ribs are used to add stiffness and strength to parts without adding excessive weight or increasing wall thickness -- most commonly in molded parts that require a draft angle so the part can release from the mold. See the basics of how this is done in Onshape, which features the power of cloud computing, real-time collaboration tools, and a built-in PDM system -- all for the same price as CAD.
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How to design a spoon with subdivision modeling: SOLIDWORKS xShape

Learn how to design a spoon with SOLIDWORKS xShape, which is found in 3D Sculptor on the 3DEXPERI-ENCE platform. xShape is a next-gen subdivision modeling tool that runs entirely in your browser and takes a freeform approach to creating complex shapes and surfaces. You can design 100% in the cloud or seamlessly integrate your xShape models with your SOLIDWORKS designs. Follow along with this 7-minute tutorial to see what it's all about.
View the video.

What's new in Onshape?

Check out the latest updates to Onshape, the cloud-native product development platform that delivers professional-grade CAD capabilities with next-gen product data management. New features include customizable keyboard shortcuts, better BOM navigation, improved drawing tools, and new Learning Center content. With Onshape, users can innovate quickly while simultaneously or asynchronously collaborating with other stakeholders on any web-connected device.
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Open-access learning center for multiphysics modeling

COMSOL, the developer of the COMSOL Multiphysics simulation software, has introduced a new online resource that provides no-cost, open access to modeling and simulation learning material across all areas of physics. Designed with the user in mind, the Learning Center offers a single entry point for users of all skill levels, where courses, articles, and videos present a clear path for learning how to use COMSOL Multiphysics for modeling and simulation.
Check out the COMSOL Learning Center.

Be a part of the manufacturing momentum: Boothroyd Dewhurst hosts 2012 International Forum on DFMA, June 11-13

Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc., will host the 27th annual International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) on June 11-13, 2012. This year's forum, "Manufacturing Momentum: Building on Success with Better Design," will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Providence-Warwick, RI.

Leading companies speaking at the 2012 DFMA International Forum include Rolls-Royce, Westinghouse, and Motorola. In addition, Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative will provide an update on total cost of ownership (TCO) and trends in American manufacturing. John Biagioni of Dynisco will talk about how design drives TCO and can reshape future profits for manufacturers.

Each year the conference discusses product development strategies related to cost reduction, improved performance, and quality with an emphasis on measured results.

This forum is the foremost conference worldwide on DFMA methodologies and software. DFMA helps structure a team's knowledge and guide collaboration efforts from the concept stage onward to create feature-rich products at less cost. It does this by providing comparative "should cost" estimates for manufacturing processes and materials, and by targeting opportunities for product simplification.

The event offers insights and solutions to managers, financial decision-makers, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, purchasing personnel, and supply-chain experts interested in benefitting from up-front product development. In addition to the presentations listed above, there will be a pre-conference workshop on "Value Engineering and DFMA" by productivity and lean six sigma expert Chris Tsai, along with a post-conference workshop by Dr. Mike Shipulski of Hypertherm, Inc., on "Systematic DFMA Deployment How to Implement for Increased Profits."

For information on the 2012 International DFMA Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly, and the pre-conference workshop, go to

Source: Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc.

Published May 2012

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