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New advanced sniper weapon sight sees bullets, engages targets 1.3 miles away

The new ThermoSight HISS-HD is the ultimate sniper sight for precision shooters. [Image courtesy: Teledyne FLIR Defense]



Teledyne FLIR Defense, which is part of Teledyne Technologies, recently unveiled its new long-range cryo-cooled thermal sniper sight, the ThermoSight HISS-HD. The lightweight, high-performance add-on unit enables precision shooters to detect, identify, and engage targets more than 2,200 m away (1.37 miles!) -- in total darkness or obscured daylight conditions -- with unparalleled accuracy. It can see flying bullets too.

The new sight is an ideal option for long-range snipers and missions involving reconnaissance, force protection, surveillance, and forward observation.

[Image courtesy: Teledyne FLIR Defense]



The clip-on unit was designed for seamless integration. It easily mounts on any MIL-STD-1913 rail interface in front of an existing scope. HISS-HD can interface with various day scopes and weapon platforms, offering long-range optics and a high-definition display that delivers exceptionally clear imagery for snipers and machine gun crews. Teledyne FLIR Defense says the ultra-powerful unit has been field-tested by the U.S. military on various weapons, including the Sig Sauer .338N machine guns and sniper rifles, including .50 cal. and .338N.

"With HISS-HD, we've leveraged our world-class thermal imaging technology to provide marksmen with a superior tool to identify and engage targets anywhere, in any environment," said Rob Tarantino, vice president of Surveillance Strategy and Development at Teledyne FLIR Defense.

The battery-powered sight weighs 4.6 lb (with batteries) and is 10.6 in. long. It also can be powered externally. It gets its sensitivity and clarity from a mid-wave imager that features a high-definition and high-operating-temperature cryo-cooled focal plane, which provides a fixed, 4-degree field of view with motorized focus. It has an optional remote control pendant for enhanced stability. It has a dial-in knob to perfect target resolution. The cooling helps to increase the sensitivity and resolution of the imaging sensor.

Zachary Fuller, senior sales manager for weapon sights and handhelds for Teledyne FLIR, was interviewed in a recent Forbes article. Regarding the scope's "day trace" capability, which allows users to see rounds in midair, he told Forbes, "Because of the capability to see your bullets in-flight, I suspect a lot of guys will use it in the daytime." The article also stated, "HISS-HD 'sees' the thermal glow from each round. It allows users to follow their rounds in-flight and 'walk them to a target' without tracers" with a much higher resolution than any competing technologies. The Forbes article has some more good details, so please check it out.

A Military Times article says the resolution is four times that of any existing device with a similar purpose. Fuller was quoted in that piece saying, "The sight triples the performance for machine gun sights and doubles it when compared to existing thermal sights designed for sniper rifles."

Because the scope is easily mounted or detached, it can also be removed to use as a reconnaissance tool on its own.

Sources: Teledyne FLIR Defense, Forbes, Military Times

Published March 2024

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[New advanced sniper weapon sight sees bullets, engages targets 1.3 miles away]

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