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Next-gen warehouse automation: Siemens, Universal Robots, and Zivid partner up

[Credit: Universal Robots]



Siemens, Universal Robots (UR), and Zivid have joined forces to create a groundbreaking solution that streamlines warehouse automation and solves the persistent challenges of intra-logistics fulfillment tasks. The trio have been demonstrating this solution at recent trade shows and events, and will host a webinar titled "The Next-Generation Solution of Intra-Logistics Fulfillment" to showcase the solution on Thursday April 4, 2024.

[Credit: Universal Robots]



"We are excited to collaborate with Universal Robots and Zivid to introduce a game-changing solution for intra-logistics fulfillment," says Ignacio Moreno, business development manager at Siemens. "By harnessing the power of advanced vision technology and industry-leading collaborative robotics, the SIMATIC Robot Pick AI is able to bring effortless picking to any environment."

The partnership represents a significant leap in solving the complex challenges faced by the logistics and e-commerce sectors. Modern fulfillment centers are characterized by the automated transport of large quantities and varieties of stock-keeping units (SKUs), and the new solution is specifically developed to offer the industry a reliable and trusted option for the picking of these items, regardless of their shape, size, opacity, or transparency.

"There is a huge potential and significant demand for automation in fulfillment centers and the e-commerce industry. This solution provides our customers with the ease of use and integration one would expect from working with the top providers of vision, robotics, and detection software," says Daniel Friedman, global director, Strategic Partnerships at Universal Robots. "The collaboration with Siemens and Zivid signals our continued push into connecting our robot platform to AI technologies and is further testament to our dedication to delivering automation for anyone, anywhere."

[Credit: Universal Robots]



The solution is composed of the latest cutting-edge technologies:

  • Siemens' SIMATIC Robot Pick AI, a pre-trained, deep learning-based vision software, empowering robots to perform tasks previously limited to manual intervention;
  • Universal Robots' UR20, with its extended reach and compact design, enabling automation of applications requiring the lifting of heavy objects over longer distances, while maintaining UR safety standards (the solution works seamlessly across the entire UR cobot family); and
  • Zivid's innovative 2+ M130 camera, which is the first 3D sensor capable of imaging everything, including transparent and translucent items, expanding the accessibility and pick ability for e-commerce and fulfillment applications.

"Our collaboration opens new possibilities for the automation of reliable order picking that can really be made accessible to anyone," says Amy Landau, product marketing engineer at Zivid.

After also being demonstrated at select tradeshows in Europe and North America in recent weeks, the solution will be presented in depth for the first time on April 4 at a webinar hosted by the three companies. The webinar will be broadcast live from Universal Robots' headquarters in Odense, Denmark.

For more information on the webinar, visit: https://app.livestorm.co/zivid/the-next-generation-solution-of-intra-logistics-fulfillment?type=detailed.

The trusted, already-deployed solution will also be displayed at the huge Hannover Messe show on April 22-26 and at Automate in Chicago May 6-9.

Source: Universal Robots

Published April 2024

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[Next-gen warehouse automation: Siemens, Universal Robots, and Zivid partner up]

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