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Top Product: Integrated servo system is 20% smaller than standalone unit

MDX+ series integrated motors from Applied Motion Products.



Applied Motion Products has introduced the MDX+ series, a family of low-voltage servo systems that integrate a servo drive, motor, and encoder into one package.

The MDX+ series is designed to be compact, providing a smaller, yet equally capable solution compared to standalone motor and drive systems. It is ideal for applications with limited installation space, and its form factor is at least 20% smaller than that of standalone solutions.

This all-in-one drive package is an ideal solution for manufacturers in logistics, AGV, medical, semiconductor, the solar industries, and many others.

MDX Integrated Servo Motors provide many benefits. They simplify component selection, reduce wiring, shrink the size of control panels, reduce costs, save space, and allow users to design faster by integrating the various components of a servo system into a single device.

Solutions with 100-/200-/400-/550-W power output are available. The MDX+ product line supports pulse train-based control methods (Pulse/Direction, CW/CCW, encoder following), RS-485, CANopen, and EtherCAT. It also offers packages with electromagnetic brakes to meet the safety requirements of today's industries and will soon provide STO. There are no cables to connect the servo drive to the motor. Power, I/O signals, and communications are plugged directly into the connectors on the motor.

The MDX+ servo drive is debugged by Luna software, which assists users with configuration, tuning, and troubleshooting the MDX+ family. The software and the drive are connected via USB for fast and reliable communication.

The MDX+ series has a rich feature list including:

  • Drive and motor integration offers a compact design,
  • Main power supports 24-60 VDC and auxiliary power supports 24 VDC,
  • Standardized frame sizes of 40/60/80 mm, covering a power range 100 W to 550 W,
  • EtherCAT, CANopen, and RS-485 options,
  • Equipped with a 17-bit magnetic incremental encoder or 17-bit batteryless absolute encoder,
  • Accurate positioning and control,
  • Support position control, velocity control, torque control,
  • Built-in brake option is available, and
  • IP20 or IP65 options available.

Applications include: packaging, AGV, medical, logistics, textile, electronic inspection, solar, and many more.

Learn more about the MDX+ servo drives here.

Source: Applied Motion Products

Published April 2024

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[Top Product: Integrated servo system is 20% smaller than standalone unit]

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