August 02, 2016 Volume 12 Issue 29

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Mechanical: New options for easy adjustments

"Manual adjustment" sounds like a very simple application, but it is often a major challenge -- especially when it comes to vertical adjustments, such as kitchen equipment, headrests, or fitness and rehabilitation equipment, where the dead weight needs to bear light attachments.

In these applications, recirculating ball guides are ruled out, because even though they are very precise, they are often too expensive and cannot be held in place. They also require external lubrication, which can lead to contamination of food or clothing. For such applications, the motion plastics specialist igus has developed various linear guides that can be adjusted according to user requirements via defined locking points or continuously by adjustable pretension.

For manual adjustments, igus has expanded its range of linear guides further by incorporating some new and novel features, such as a ball-pretensioned, predefined positional system for stepped locking as well as a compact preload prism slide with pretensioned guide carriage. Depending on requirements, users can easily order their complete solutions for easy adjustments, rather than having to resort to designing and creating their own solutions or being forced to contend with oversized linear guides.

Firm hold guaranteed: Lubrication-free pre-defined positional system

In the new drylin W stop-motion pre-defined positional system, a plastic carriage moves on a profile and snaps into defined locking points. By means of a pretensioned ball between carriage and profile (which is held by a stainless steel spring), the carriage always stays in position, and the dead weight also holds light attachments. The locking forces are dependent on the spring used as well as the bore, which like the rail length can be ordered for custom requirements. Due to the ball pretension in the plastic carriage, it sits on the lightweight aluminum profile virtually clearance free.

Very quiet continuous adjustment

The new drylin preload prism slide is also ideally suitable for manual adjustments wherever displacement forces and a "full" high-quality run while moving are desired. Due to the four selectable spring pretension settings, the displacement force can be set individually. For light vertical loads, the carriage can be held in position easily. The guide rail is anodized and corrosion resistant and can be ordered directly from igus up to 3 m in length. The carriage of the preload prism slide is made of lubrication-free plastic iglidur J; the springs are made of stainless steel, and the mounting holes in the carriage made of brass.

Source: igus

Published August 2016

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[Mechanical: New options for easy adjustments]

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