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How a BattleBot was built using Onshape

Learn how RoboGym Robotics, a veteran BattleBots team, said goodbye to Solidworks and took their design game to the next level using Onshape, the cloud-native, all-in-one CAD and PDM solution. RoboGym was able to analyze key components of their Roundhouse BattleBot like its armor and weapon bar, run simulations, collaborate, iterate, and optimize their design to its fullest.
Read this informative Onshape blog.

Who knew? How colorants affect plastic

In plastic injection molding, one aspect of polymer characteristics that doesn't always get the consideration it deserves is the addition of colorant. Believe it or not, there is a whole scientific body of knowledge about the ways in which adding color to plastic can affect its behavioral properties. This short article by Denny Scher of ICO Mold takes a high-level look at some of the different, and surprising, ways colorants can affect plastics.
Read the full article.

Smart fixed flange bearings unlock predictive maintenance

igus has developed intelligent two- and four-hole fixed flange bearings with wireless sensing capabilities for wear detection. Constructed from self-lubricating, high-performance plastic, the bearings feature an integrated abrasion sensor, thin circuit board, and cableless battery supply. Wear interrupts the board's conductor paths, causing the electronics to lose the signal. The sensor then transmits a long-range network signal to an igus i.Cee switch cabinet module for analysis, including the percentage of abrasion.
Learn about igus smart bearing technology.

Screw jack configuration and selection tool

Thomson has added a screw jack config and select tool to its online engineering toolset to help design engineers optimize and specify screw jacks for applications involving loads up to 100 tons. Screw jacks are increasingly replacing hydraulic cylinders in many ultra-heavy, low duty-cycle applications. Enter load, speed, travel, duty cycle, and other motion parameters.
Learn more.

Retaining magnets from JW Winco: Universal and clever

JW Winco has expanded its magnet line to support more applications with new materials, shapes, systems, and even raw magnets. Learn about their latest offerings, including retaining magnets designed for corrosive environments (GN 50.8), encapsulated magnets designed for sensitive or painted surfaces (GN 51.8), handle magnets (GN 53.3), and powerful magnets designed to handle challenging environs (GN 52.6).
Learn more.

3D print tool steel with the ease of a plastic

The Virtual Foundry, a pioneer in advanced 3D-printing materials, is excited to announce the launch of their latest innovation: M300 Tool Steel Filametâ„¢ (not a typo). This material answers the demand for FFF 3D-printable Tool Steel, delivering unparalleled strength and versatility. What sets this material apart is its seamless compatibility with various 3D printers, including Creality, Bambu Lab, Ultimaker, and more. The filament prints effortlessly, resembling the ease of working with PLA (plastic).
Learn more.

New from Ruland: Inch-to-metric rigid couplings

Ruland Manufacturing now offers rigid couplings with inch-to-metric bores as a standard product, giving users a wider range of off-the-shelf couplings. This expansion is the latest addition to the company's inch-to-metric, standard coupling product line that includes seven types of motion-control couplings and universal joints. Instead of re-machining or ordering custom-made couplings, using off-the-shelf, inch-to-metric rigid couplings saves time and money.
Learn more.

Case study: YouTuber builds one-of-a-kind PC chassis with Xometry's manufacturing services

Learn how Josh Sniffen, the YouTuber behind the popular PC-building channel Not From Concentrate, leaned on Xometry for a wide range of manufacturing options, personalized DFM feedback, and order management support for his latest creation: the HEXO ATX.
Read this very cool Xometry case study.

E-Z Lok threaded insert CAD models available in online catalog

E-Z Lok, a leading manufacturer and master distributor of threaded inserts for metal, plastic, and wood, has recently launched an online CAD library to showcase a wide selection of its products. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, this catalog streamlines the design and spec process for engineers, MRO, and OEMs. Datasheets available for download.
Learn more about E-Z Lok threaded inserts.

70% longer service life for linear bushings

As a result of an optimized production process, Bosch Rexroth's segmental linear bushings with plastic cage used in a wide variety of industries achieve a load capacity that is up to 20% higher and a service life that is up to 70% longer. They are part of a Rexroth round guide with a matching shaft. The increase in load capacity makes it possible to use a smaller size in many cases while meeting the same requirements. Downsizing reduces system costs, saves space, and reduces weight.
Learn more.

Trick to measuring angles in SOLIDWORKS

Learn from the pros at TriMech how to take angle measurements easily in SOLID-WORKS. TriMech has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to SOLIDWORKS tips, and the company is excellent at training too.
View the video.

6 considerations for selecting a ball valve

Ball valves are the ideal valve of choice for liquid and gas conveyance lines ranging from diesel fuel to compressed air. Although these valves may seem simple, there's a lot more to them. Parker Hannifin offers valuable advice on body materials, configuration, seals, venting, and more in this informative post.
Read the Parker blog.

Great Resources: Sheet metal design guide

If you're looking for a basic guide to sheet metal design, this one from Xometry will serve your needs well. Follow the design requirements and tolerances in this guide to ensure parts fall closer to design intent. This is the type of information you'll sock away and then refer to again and again.
Read the full article.

What's a magnetic GHOST fastener?

PEM® GHOST™ Fastening Technology from Penn-Engineering uses a fully concealed pinch-lock mechanism to create a secure and sleek lock with zero visible evidence of disassembly once engaged. Using a magnetic release tool on the concealed fastener actuates the internal components, unlocking the pinch-lock grip and instantly releasing the pin from the fastener. From automotive interiors to access control systems, this clever fastening tech is adaptable to many applications.
View the video.

Engineer's Toolbox: The secret to living hinges that fold flat

Living hinges are often used to produce a container and its lid as a single molded part. If properly designed, they can open and close thousands of times without ever losing strength or flexibility. Proto Labs provides valuable tips on designing these (sometimes thin and fragile) parts.
Read the full article.

Dual injection gets even better: Bosch, Ford, and TI Automotive recognized with 2017 PACE innovation award

Bosch, Ford Motor Company, and TI Automotive were recently recognized with a 2017 Automotive News PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence) Innovation Partnership Award for their collaboration to develop the Port Fuel and Direct Injection System (P-DI). The P-DI system was also named a 2017 Automotive News PACE Award finalist for a product and process innovation, along with Bosch's Engine Compartment Actuator (ECA), extending Bosch's long history of PACE Award recognition.

P-DI is a dual injection system that takes the best of traditional port injection and combines it with the latest gasoline direct injection technology to deliver exceptional performance across the engine's whole operating and load range. The result is a power plant with enhanced performance in the areas fuel economy, emissions, high torque, and power output.

The Innovation Partnership Award was presented during the annual 2017 Automotive News PACE Awards ceremony held on April 3 at the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center in Detroit. It was given for the outstanding level of collaboration between the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer and supplier.

"Strategic partnerships like the one Bosch has forged with Ford and TI Automotive are only made possible through dedication, trust, teamwork, and with an eye toward a singular goal: to provide an innovation that will propel the industry forward in new ways," said Mike Mansuetti, president of Robert Bosch LLC. "That's precisely what we've accomplished in working with Ford and TI Automotive to implement the first Port Fuel and Direct Injection System with a North American customer on the all-new second-generation Ford 3.5 Liter Ecoboost engine."

This application was achieved through intense tri-lateral cooperation between Ford, TI Automotive, and Bosch in the areas of design, development, and packaging of the P-DI system. The project required technical collaboration, exchange of expertise, and expanded system-level validation testing to realize Ford's innovative design targets. These requirements took this partnership beyond the customary sphere of collaborative practices in the industry.

The key challenge of the project was to bring the two fuel systems (low and high pressure) together in an environment that had traditionally accommodated only one. In order to deliver Ford an effective packaging solution, the three companies worked closely together to optimize the packaging of the two fuel injection systems, maintain proper fuel metering accuracy, implement design features to attenuate hydraulic pulsation in the rail, and prevent potential cross-talk between the two systems.

Bosch has a rich history of honors in the Automotive News PACE Awards competition. In addition to be honored as a finalist for product and process innovation in 2017 for its ECA and P-DI technologies, Bosch was a 2016 winner for its Linear Force Solenoid (LFS) technology, which enables transmission manufacturers to develop more efficient, high-speed transmissions. Bosch was also a winner of a 2014 award for its laser-drilling technology for spray enhancements in gasoline direct injection, and it garnered back-to-back awards in 2010 and 2011 for its innovative collaboration with Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. and its P2 Parallel Full Hybrid System, respectively. Bosch was also an Automotive News PACE Award finalist in 2014 for its open source-based infotainment system solution; in 2011 for its windshield wiper direct drive system; and in 2010 for both its Long-Range Radar and Vehicle Stability System.

Source: The Bosch Group

Published May 2017

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