September 18, 2018 Volume 14 Issue 35

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Engineer's Toolbox:
Maintenance-free bearings help pool owners keep it clean

A company in Austria has designed a swimming pool cleaning device with maintenance-free polymer ball bearings from igus that helps people keep their water crystal clear. igus, which is based in Cologne, Germany, runs its North American operations through its facility in Providence, RI.

In the Poolwonder Turbo XL, xiros ball bearings are used as an additional guidance for the motor shaft below the propeller and the shaft seal. [Source: igus GmbH]



Poolwonder Turbo XL picks up sand, leaves, pebbles, and dirt from the bottom of any pool surface. The device weighs just slightly more than 3 lb and has a suction width of 15.75 in. The battery-operated unit fits on any telescopic pole that has a clip diameter of 30 mm. The battery unit for the Turbo XL extends for more than two hours, and the device comes with two filter bags to collect debris.

Poolwonder designers chose corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free components because of the unique application for underwater use. Xiros polymer ball bearings from igus match the performance demands for the application.

Polymer bearings support motor shaft guidance
The xiros B180 polymer bearing is used in the Poolwonder Turbo XL as additional guidance for the motor shaft below the propeller. All products in igus' xiros line are lubrication-free. The lubricants do not get washed out or decompose due to external factors and, therefore, the environment is not contaminated. They are particularly suitable for tight installation spaces.

The bearing is enclosed between two seals, which would make lubrication quite challenging. igus' xirodur material is durable and resists corrosion, which is particularly important in a device that works in water.

The xiros B180 radial deep ball bearings are suitable for use in temperatures between -40 F and 176 F and can fit shaft diameters from 3 to 60 mm. In addition to the Poolwonder Turbo XL, the xiros B180 radial deep groove ball bearings have proven effective in vacuums, packaging equipment, household appliances, and cleanroom technology.

VIDEO: See how xiros polymer ball bearings are tested in the igus test lab spread over 2,750 sq m.

Source: igus

Published September 2018

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[Engineer's Toolbox:
Maintenance-free bearings help pool owners keep it clean]

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