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January 17, 2012Volume 08 Issue 02

Image - New Full Line Catalog -- Full of New Fasteners
New Full Line Catalog -- Full of New Fasteners
Micro Plastics introduces its new catalog #39. With 290 pages of nylon fastener items, 12 new product lines, and over 500 new items added. Contents include: standard and metric machine screws, cap screws, nuts, washers, spacers, insulators, grommets, bushings, rivets, hole plugs, clamps, printed circuit board accessories, suspended ceiling hooks, and wire routing kits. FREE samples are available upon request.
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In this issue of Designfax

  • Super car, super engine: McLaren MP4-12C
  • Grounding for electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Mega-comprehensive materials database
  • Wheels: CAFE standards = BIGGER cars?
  • Mike Likes: Actuator solutions simplified
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Fire-retardant tapes
  • Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
    • Navy develops low-cost target seeker
    • World's fastest 6-axis robots
    • Detroit Auto Show 2012
  • New Products
    • Electrical, Mechanical, Motion, Special: Software
    Cover Image: McLaren MP4-12C supercar [Image: ©Copyright McLaren Automotive Limited]


Saft begins deliveries of first lithium-ion batteries produced by new Jacksonville plant

Two-thirds of 2013 Dodge Dart body structure consists of high-strength steel

New Scale's miniature linear motion systems head to orbit on recently launched tiny satellites

NIST improves tool for hardening software against cyber attacks

Image - Wherever Pressure is Measured, Setra Has the Solution ...
Wherever Pressure is Measured, Setra Has the Solution ...
Whether you're an end-user or OEM, Setra has a solution that will fit your application as well as your budget. Setra's industrial pressure transducers accurately measure pressure (hydraulic and pneumatic); liquids, gases, coolants, fuels, lubricants, refrigerants; and most other media. Pressure ranges extend from high to very low pressure for gauge, absolute, differential, and barometric pressures and vacuum.
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Feature articles

Image - Super car, super engine: McLaren MP4-12C
Super car, super engine: McLaren MP4-12C
Insider Look: How British engineering consultancy Ricardo helped McLaren design and develop the world's greenest supercar engine – and created a super-lean assembly facility to build it in the U.K.
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Image -
Request the igus® jglide® PRT Slewing Rings brochure by clicking the ad above.

Using virtual reference grounding for electromagnetic flowmeters
This technique allows EMFs to be installed in any type of pipeline, without grounding rings or electrodes.
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New comprehensive tool may help you find that perfect material
Thanks to a new online toolkit developed at MIT and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, any researcher who needs to find a material with specific properties – whether it's to build a better mousetrap or a better battery – will now be able to do so far more easily than ever before.
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Study says CAFE standards create profit incentive for larger vehicles

The current Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards create a financial incentive for auto companies to make bigger vehicles that are allowed to meet lower targets, according to a new University of Michigan study.
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Image - Mike Likes: Actuator solutions simplified
Mike Likes: Actuator solutions simplified
The addition of Ethernet connectivity to Tolomatic's ACS Stepper Drive/Controller brings greater flexibility and economy to electric actuator applications. The ACS with Ethernet supports both Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP, allowing easy connectivity to Allen Bradley PLCs and many other PLCs and HMIs. With built-in configurations for all of Tolomatic's electric actuators, the ACS with Ethernet makes creating linear motion very simple. The combination of the ACS and Tolomatic's ERD low-cost rod-style electric actuators creates very economical solutions for automation applications such as product changeovers, diverting, sorting, pick and place, or pressing. And that's just neat.
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Engineer's Toolbox:
Specialty tapes help electronics/aerospace industry prevent fire propagation

Polyonics halogen-free engineered tapes are specifically designed composites using FlameGard technology to effectively control heat, oxygen, material decomposition and the generation of flammable gasses.
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Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
Navy develops low-cost target-seeking tech
A weapon prototype developed by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) successfully hit two high-speed boat targets during recent testing in Point Mugu, CA. "It's a fire-and-forget weapon," says Ken Heeke, the ONR program officer for the Low-Cost Imaging Terminal Seeker (LCITS). ONR researchers produced LCITS, a suite of low-cost technologies that modify existing helicopter-borne rockets into precision-guided weapons. By adding an infrared imaging guidance section to 2.75-in. Hydra-70 rockets, the researchers are providing naval aviators with a new lethal capability.
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Video Image
World's fastest 6-axis robots
The advanced-design VS-Series six-axis articulated robots from DENSO are the world's fastest in their class. See them perform with lightning speed and even take a "swim." But don't blink. These things can really move.
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Video Image
Detroit Auto Show 2012: Cars make a comeback
Preview some of the hottest debut vehicles and maybe learn a little along the way. Who would have thought that Honda would make a move to build its new high-end Acura NSX sports car in Ohio, when just a few years ago the entire auto industry was super shaky? Vroom vroom.
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