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May 22, 2012Volume 08 Issue 20

Image - New ‘pin and keeper' quick-assembly <br>sign fastening system
New ‘pin and keeper' quick-assembly
sign fastening system

The Micro Plastics sign fastener is designed for rapid assembly and disassembly of a sign or other panel to its support structure. The reusable fastener was designed to fit a hole diameter of 5/16 in. to 3/8 in. (8 mm to 9.5 mm) and can be used to fasten two pieces together with total panel thickness from 1 in. to 1.64 in. (25.4 mm to 41.6 mm). Simply squeeze the keeper together and slide onto the pin, then release the keeper. Molded from impact-resistant and UV-stabilized nylon 6/6, the sign fastener is designed to withstand the elements in outdoor applications.
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In this issue of Designfax

  • Soldier-inspired Army ammo pack
  • Execs try MIT's Beer Game
  • Scientists generate electricity from viruses
  • Wheels (and wings): Greener aircraft concepts
  • Mike Likes: Design tips for better plastic parts
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Way beyond sheet metal
  • Quick Look: Industrial pressure sensors for rugged apps
  • Quick Look: More torque, less noise
  • Quick Look: Precision positioning for heavier loads
  • Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
    • Flying wind turbine aces test flight
    • Mesmerizing flying inversion object
  • Most Popular Last Issue
    • Navy solid-state laser weapons
    • Air Force's MUTT aircraft
    • Get your 3D-printing Mojo on for $185 a month
  • New Products
    • Electrical, Mechanical, Motion, Special: Materials
    Cover Image: Soldier-inspired high-capacity ammo carriage system


L-com reports counterfeit cables are a disturbing trend

Johnson Controls pioneers carbon body exterior parts in series production

Engine testing helps generate power for GM Engineering Center

Nanotube 'sponge' has great potential in oil-spill cleanup

Image - Free Presentation: Less-is-More Approach to Robotic Cable Management
Free Presentation: Less-is-More Approach to Robotic Cable Management
While cables and hoses are often an afterthought in robot designs, they are a vital part of machine reliability. Join key industry professionals to hear Kevin Wright, Country Sales Manager for igus®, speak at Globalspec's Industrial Automation & Robotics Systems online event on May 23, 2012.

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Feature articles
Soldier-inspired Army ammo pack is ‘game-changer' on battlefield
Like something right out of the movie "Predator," the Ironman backpack ammo-carriage system lets a machine-gunner run solo with plenty of rounds at the ready. The invention resulted from the innovative thinking of Iowa National Guardsmen serving in Afghanistan.
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Execs try MIT's Beer Game in manufacturing sim
High-achieving executives play the Beer Game, a business simulation that is an institution at MIT, where management guru Jay Forrester invented it in the 1960s. The Beer Game is at once simple to play, difficult to master, and full of valuable business lessons.
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Berkeley Lab scientists generate electricity from viruses
A new approach creates a promising first step toward the development of tiny devices that harvest electrical energy from everyday tasks.
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Wheels (and wings): Greener aircraft concepts for 2025 and beyond
Leaner, greener flying machines for the year 2025 are on the drawing boards of three industry teams under contract to the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate's Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project.
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Image - Mike Likes:<br>Design tips for better plastic parts
Mike Likes:
Design tips for better plastic parts

Protomold has compiled over 90 tips for designing injection molded parts into eight handy, downloadable volumes. You can find super-useful lessons and guidelines on everything from selecting materials to designing parts cost effectively. Pickouts for interior undercuts, textures, mold finish vs. part finish, when to draft and not to draft, and matching mating parts. It's all there – and much, much more. This is a really handy resource. I'd be surprised if you didn't learn a thing or two.
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Engineer's Toolbox:
Way beyond sheet metal

BlankWorks v4.3 from Forming Technologies provides SolidWorks users with a fully integrated tool for developing optimal flat patterns from complex 3D designs that go way beyond sheet metal, including inflatable toys, aircraft and helicopter parts, insulation, and thermoform packaging.
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Image - Quick Look: <br>Industrial pressure sensors for rugged applications
Quick Look:
Industrial pressure sensors for rugged applications

The new Honeywell Model IP pressure sensor series is CE certified and offered in common psi (5 to 10,000) and bar (0.5 to 700) ranges. Unlike other pressure sensors on the market, Honeywell's line of IP sensors includes temperature in its total error band (TEB) configuration, offering increased measurement confidence and eliminating the need for supplementary calculations by the user. Typical users for this product include customers in transportation, industrial, medical, and oil and gas industries.
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Image - Quick Look: <br>More torque, less noise
Quick Look:
More torque, less noise

Experience the faces of a new generation of gearboxes with the revolutionary LP+ Generation 3 from WITTENSTEIN. This precision gearhead sets new standards for drive systems looking for economic flexibility. The LP+ Generation 3 has the same space envelope requirements as the LP+, which makes it ideal as a drop-in replacement; yet it boasts increased power, smoother running, and more ratios. The new design possesses up to 75% higher torques as compared to the industry standard inline product, and optimized manufacturing and assembly processes have resulted in a 50% reduction in operation noise.
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Image - Quick Look: <br>Precision positioning for heavier loads
Quick Look:
Precision positioning for heavier loads

Suited to any medium-duty rotary positioning application, the Bell-Everman SBR 200 stage is a natural fit for production and assembly machines needing to move loads up to 100 kg. It features a huge through-hole relative to its overall size, which makes it easy to bring utility connections, sensors, and other functional components to the top of the stage. Its larger package size has enabled the integration of a full-fledged ServoBelt drive mechanism. This high-stiffness symmetrical drive mechanism enhances stiffness and eliminates backlash, which contributes the SBR 200's tight positioning accuracy.
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Most popular last issue
Navy program aims to develop solid-state laser weapons for ships
A laser weapon prototype aims to help Sailors defeat small boat threats and aerial targets without using bullets.
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Air Force's MUTT aircraft may help researchers suppress flutter
NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center soon will have a new dog in the yard, and it's a real MUTT. That's short for the Multi-Use Technology Testbed, a small unmanned aircraft being developed by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory to test technologies that will be needed for new kinds of lightweight, flexible aircraft.
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Get your 3D-printing Mojo on for $185 a month
3D printing innovator Statasys has been itching to let the world in on its latest creation, and now the time has come. The company unveiled its low-price, professional-grade Mojo system on May 8.
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Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
Flying wind turbine aces test flight
Altaeros Energies, a wind energy company formed out of MIT, took to the Maine skies in late March to test its helium-filled, 35-ft Altaeros Airborne Wind Turbine (AWT). The prototype climbed to 350 ft, produced power at altitude, and landed in an automated cycle, lifting the top-selling Southwest Skystream turbine to produce over twice the power at high altitude than generated at conventional tower height. The product aims to reduce energy costs by up to 65% by harnessing the stronger winds found over 1,000 ft high and reducing installation time from weeks to days. The lifting technology is adapted from aerostats, industrial cousins of passenger blimps that for decades have lifted heavy communications and radar equipment into the air for long periods of time. Aerostats are rated to survive hurricane-force winds.
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Video Image
Flying inversion object aims to inspire new drive concepts
The nature-loving wizards at Festo have combined extreme lightweight construction, electric drive units, and control and regulation technology to create SmartInversion, a working helium-filled flying object that moves through the air by turning inside out. The shape is based on the geometrical band devised by Paul Schatz: its middle section, in the form of an articulated ring of six members, detaches itself from a cube and constantly turns inside out, taking on different geometrical shapes in the process. Kind of mesmerizing, don't you think?
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Video Image

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