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October 16, 2012Volume 08 Issue 39

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In this issue of Designfax

  • Sensors position deep ice-coring system
  • Non-contact gauge for auto inspection
  • Researchers creating mobile 'MacGyver' robot
  • Wheels: Army tests 'super config' networked vehicle
  • Mike Likes: Edgewinding steel ring advantage
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Caterpillar links 77 mfg assets
  • Custom HMI systems
  • High-performance roller, conveyor chains
  • Servo drives for mobile electric platforms
  • Teflon powder coating service
  • Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
    • Navy aircraft benefitting from boroscopes
    • Simplify welded-structure design
  • Most Popular Last Issue
    • Wheels: Aluminum welding breakthrough
    • Robot plane flies indoors sans GPS
    • Cheesy-fuel dragster snags record
  • New Products
    • Electrical, Mechanical, Motion, Special: Materials
    Cover Image: Robots go MacGyver. [Georgia Tech Photo: Josh Meister]


Rolls-Royce opens first-ever defense operations center in U.S.

Goodyear debuts self-inflating tire technology for commercial trucks

NASA's 'Ironman' exoskeleton aims to give astronauts and paraplegics improved mobility, strength

Tough gel stretches to 21 times its length, recoils, and heals itself

Image - Rogan Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Capabilities
Rogan Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Capabilities
Rogan Corporation, a full turnkey contract manufacturer of plastic components and assemblies, specializes in producing injection molded Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) components. The company is one of a few select manufacturers that also offers Bondable Liquid Silicone Rubber (Bondable LSR) overmolding that is injection molded directly to plastic or metal parts, creating a single integrated component. Utilizing LSR's heat/chemical/shock/vibration resistance and sound dampening, design opportunities include integral seals and gaskets for waterproofing complex geometries and electronic interconnects, integral membranes, diaphragms, valves, and switch covers.

A new state-of-the-art Class 100,000 clean room enables Rogan to meet the increasing demand for LSR molding and assembly.

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Feature articles
Mini linear sensors ensure correct positioning of super-deep ice-coring system
Macro Sensors' miniature LVDT Linear Position Sensors serve as part of a steering actuator control system that regulates the tilt of a new Replicate Ice Coring System designed for a U.S. Deep Ice Coring Project currently being conducted in one of the snowiest regions of the West Antarctica Ice Sheet.
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IDS camera in non-contact gauge provides quality-control measurement of automobiles
In automotive production, accuracy is critical. German high-tech company Nextsense has developed the Calipri universal handheld gauge, an opto-electronic single-handed meter that detects different profile shapes fully with no contact, thanks in part to a board-level camera from IDS Imaging Development Systems.
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Image - Researchers aim to create mobile 'MacGyver' robot
Researchers aim to create mobile 'MacGyver' robot
A research team at Georgia Tech is working on building robots that have the ability to solve complex problems and escape dangerous situations by using everyday objects and materials found at hand.
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Army conducts safety testing on networked 'super configuration' vehicle

The Army has completed safety release testing for a new fleet of networked MRAP vehicles, paving the way for Soldiers to begin training on them this month. The "super configuration" is the Army's first fully integrated package of radios, satellite systems, software applications, smartphone-like devices, and other network components that provide an integrated connectivity from the static tactical operations center to the commander on-the-move to the dismounted Soldier.
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Image - Mike Likes: <br>Smalley's unique Edgewinding process: Ideal for stainless, special alloys from prototyping to production
Mike Likes:
Smalley's unique Edgewinding process: Ideal for stainless, special alloys from prototyping to production

Smalley's Edgewinding process, aka "The No-Tooling-Cost Process," for making retaining rings and snap rings eliminates the scrap produced from conventional stamping. Edgewinding is a precision forming operation that coils pre-tempered flat wire on edge to create a near-perfect circle, kind of like the finish on a Slinky toy. Smalley edgewound products can be coiled to your exact specifications in any diameter and with any number of turns (layers or coils). Design or dimension changes can be made with simple machine adjustments or a change in raw material size during production, so prototypes and small-run orders can be made quickly and economically. Smalley offers more than 6,000 stock sizes in 302 and 316 stainless. Free samples are available.
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Engineer's Toolbox:
Caterpillar plant links 77 diverse manufacturing assets for real-time monitoring, OEE gains

Real-time information from Freedom eLOG software on the performance of 77 diverse manufacturing systems at Caterpillar's Integrated Manufacturing Operations Division in Aurora, IL, is helping the operation increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduce cost, improve processes, and shorten maintenance response times.
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Image - HMI systems and components for machinery and electronics production equipment
HMI systems and components for machinery and electronics production equipment
EAO supplies custom-built HMI systems and a full range of HMI components for machinery and electronics production equipment. Typical HMI systems include integrated control panels for system start-up and shutdown with emergency-stop functions; handheld remote controls and tethered pendants with displays and short-travel keyboards; and touchscreen interfaces with CANbus connectivity. Each one of these innovative, reliable, and intuitive control panels is custom-built for a particular machine by EAO's team of in-house experts. Typically they will utilize a mix of technologies that might include a touch screen or display, membrane keypad, discreet pushbuttons, and emergency-stop functions built into a singular protective housing and connected through an appropriate serial bus to simplify connectivity and diagnostics.
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Image - Elite high-performance roller and conveyor chains
Elite high-performance roller and conveyor chains
Chain manufacturer iwis drive systems has published a fully revised and updated 140-pg product catalog of Elite-branded high-performance roller and conveyor chains. Check out the Everlast Plus range, a new generation of maintenance-free roller chains with an extended service life through reduced wear. Also new is a section about the rapid-service option for special-design Elite chains, such as roller chains with different attachment parts and extended pins that can be produced on demand with a lead time of 48 hours.
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Image - Servo drives designed for mobile electric vehicle platforms
Servo drives designed for mobile electric vehicle platforms
Servo2Go has recently expanded its line of Electric Vehicle Servo Drives from Advanced Motion Controls of Camarillo, CA. The M/V series motor controllers are fully functional, four-quadrant servo drives purpose designed and built to operate today's modern mobile electric vehicular platforms. Specific applications include: mobile robots, AGVs, UGVs, material handling, and transport vehicles in both industrial and military environments. This motor control series provides high power from battery supplies with multiple operating modes, IP65 rating, and compact design for either permanent magnet brushed or brushless motors. Also consider these drives for traction/propulsion, steering, lifting, or any other electrically driven actuation such as compressors, winches, and hoists.
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Image - Teflon powder coating adds chemical and corrosion resistance
Teflon powder coating adds chemical and corrosion resistance
A Teflon powder-coating service for all types of parts requiring chemical and corrosion resistance is available from Applied Plastics Co. of Norwood, MA. Suitable for single parts to high-quantity production runs, these coatings are tailored to customer requirements and include standard formulations such as Teflon PTFE, FEP, PFA, Tefzel ETFE, Teflon S, Halar, ECTFE, Kynar, and Xylan, along with custom formulations if needed. Electrostatically applied from 0.0002 in. to 0.025 in. thick, these coatings add chemical and corrosion resistance to parts up to 2,000 lb. The service includes proper surface preparation and subsequent baking. Typical parts include valves, pumps, mixers, chutes, handles, and tanks.
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Most popular last issue
GM welding breakthrough enables more use of aluminum

GM's new resistance spot welding process uses a patented multi-ring, domed electrode that does what smooth electrodes are unreliable at doing: welding aluminum to aluminum.
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Autonomous robotic plane flies indoors sans GPS
New algorithms allow an autonomous robotic plane to dodge obstacles in a subterranean parking garage, without the use of GPS.
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Utah State biofuel dragster snags land speed record running on cheesy fuel source
Utah State University researchers are walking on air after setting a land speed record with a novel race car of their own design.
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Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
Navy aircraft benefitting big time from common boroscopes
The common video boroscope set is changing the way the Department of the Navy performs aircraft maintenance. Sailors use the hand-held device to inspect and repair aircraft engines without taking them apart, decreasing repair time and increasing the number of mission-ready aircraft.
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Video Image
Simplify designing welded structures using SolidWorks
Find out how SolidWorks can make designing welded structures and components fast and easy. Learn about new tools and features and how to use them by following along with the creation of a welded frame for a large bag-and-box machine.
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Video Image

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