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June 18, 2013Volume 09 Issue 23

Image - New Design Tips Volume Available
New Design Tips Volume Available
Protomold's monthly Design Tips are a popular and useful resource for designers and design engineers. We've compiled over 90 tips for designing injection molded parts in nine handy, downloadable volumes. You'll find useful tips and guidelines on everything from selecting materials to designing parts cost-effectively. In our new Volume Nine you will find topics including: designing clips, elimination of unnecessary material, text, crush ribs, bridging tooling, and injection molding gears.

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In this issue of Designfax

  • Microdrives excel in hazardous terrain
  • How long will your design last? Oil-shear clutch
  • Gesture recognition throughout entire home
  • Wheels: Dana finds profit 'sweet spot' with SLM
  • Mike Likes: One-shot 3D measuring macroscope
  • Engineer's Toolbox: NASA tests ice formation in jet fans
  • Next-gen LED machine lighting
  • Flexible seals for robotics systems
  • Servos replace pneumatics
  • Self-regulating heating cables
  • Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
    • Multiple-axis robot joints
    • Testing 3D-printed truck fenders
  • Most Popular Last Issue
    • Army explores futuristic Special Ops uniform
    • Carbon fiber gets lighter, stronger
    • NASA to use 'green' rocket fuel in 2015
  • New Products
    • Electrical, Mechanical, Motion
    Cover Image: NASA tackles jet turbofan icing [Photo: NASA]


ORNL says its solid sulfur-based battery outperforms lithium-ion technology

Bayer MaterialScience just says 'no' to carbon nanotubes

'Monster' magnet motor will simulate sea gales at wind turbine test bed

Can 'dark lightning' zap you on a plane? NRL researchers aim to shed light on the phenomenon

Image - Rogan's Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Capabilities
Rogan's Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Capabilities
In business since 1934, Rogan Corporation is a leader in the injection molding industry, producing thermoplastic and LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) components and assemblies. Manufacturing LSR components is a rapidly growing segment of the business. Rogan is one of a few select manufacturers that offer Bondable LSR overmolding. This process involves the injection molding of a bondable-grade silicone directly onto plastic or metal parts, creating a single integrated component. LSR's heat, chemical, shock, and vibration resistance along with its sound-dampening characteristics have made it an ideal fit for integral seals and gaskets, waterproofing complex geometries and electronic interconnects, integral membranes, diaphragms, valves, and switch covers. (Picture has .008" thick fins bonded to a plastic tube.)

Our state-of-the-art Class 100,000 clean room enables Rogan to meet the increasing demand for LSR molding and assembly for the medical device market.

Feature articles

Image - Micro-motion solutions: <br>Microdrives excel in hazardous terrain
Micro-motion solutions:
Microdrives excel in hazardous terrain

In the latest generation of four-wheel-drive Guardian Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicles (MROVs), 15 different microdrives accurately execute control commands that not only move the vehicle but operate cameras, a manipulator arm, and optional weapons to track down and disarm bombs, IEDs, and other dangerous munitions.
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How long will your design last?
Oil-shear clutch earns rebuild after nearly 50 years on the job

For many employees in the automotive industry, 46 years is a career -- and then some. And most mechanical components would be worn out and replaced long before they reached that milestone. But for a Force Control Industries clutch on an axle fatigue test stand at a major automotive factory, 46 years is merely time for a rebuild.
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Get a little 'Bewitched':
Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home

Wouldn't it be great to turn on the coffee maker from your bed with just a hand swipe in the air? University of Washington computer scientists have developed gesture-recognition technology that brings this a step closer to reality.
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Dana finds profit 'sweet spot' using Simulation Lifecycle Management

After Dana Holding Corp. initiated a cultural change from a mainly cost/manufacturing-driven company to an engineering-driven one, the powerhouse automotive supplier is realizing up to 25 percent time savings in its CAE projects. The secret? Simulation Lifecycle Management from Dassault Systemes helps manage all types of simulations from the company's 20+ CAE software and support tools, so Dana can more readily identify the "sweet spot" for cost-versus-performance that generates profitability.
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Image - Mike Likes: <br>One-shot 3D measuring macroscope
Mike Likes:
One-shot 3D measuring macroscope

Wondering how your products measure up ... literally? Well Keyence Corp. has just the tool for you. Combining the advanced optical design of their digital microscopes with the high-speed, high-accuracy measurement and 3D technology of their displacement gauges, Keyence engineers have developed a macroscope that completes instant, one-click 3D measurements. And yes, it's a powerful microscope, too!
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Engineer's Toolbox:
NASA explores how ice can menace a hot turbofan jet engine

How does ice accumulate inside hot turbofan jet engines during flight? NASA scientists, working with engine manufacturers, are closer to answering that question.
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Image - Product Spotlight: <br>Next-gen LED machine lighting in six colors
Product Spotlight:
Next-gen LED machine lighting in six colors

When you want bright, energy-efficient, and long-lasting LED machine lighting, LF1B-N LED light strips from IDEC outshine the competition. Offered in six different lengths, ranging from 5.27 to 42.5 in., these slim, maintenance-free light strips are a perfect fit for applications with limited space. Six different colors (cool white, warm white, yellow, red, blue, and green) give you a custom style and appearance, while providing lighting bright enough to clearly illuminate any application. Lifespan is over four times longer than fluorescent lights.
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Image - Product Spotlight: <br>Flexible seals for robotics systems
Product Spotlight:
Flexible seals for robotics systems

Roxtec entry seals allow cables and pneumatic plastic pipes to be routed in the same unit. The system is based on a rubber sealing module that consists of two halves, a center core, and removable black and blue layers. This construction ensures adaptability to different sizes of cables and pipes. Just peel off layers to achieve a tight installation. Most cables can be effectively sealed with just six basic sizes of Roxtec sealing modules. Easily installed Roxtec modules are used together with a frame and a compression unit, resulting in an optimum sealing solution suitable for wide-ranging applications.
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Image - Product Spotlight: <br>Replace pneumatic cylinders with servo actuators
Product Spotlight:
Replace pneumatic cylinders with servo actuators

CASM Series servo actuators from SKF are ideal electromechanical solutions for applications historically performed by conventional pneumatic cylinders. This technology, in comparison, inherently reduces energy consumption, potential contamination, noise, and maintenance, while eliminating the need for constantly running compressors, hoses, and other components associated with pneumatic cylinders. All three modular models (CASM-32, CASM-40, and CASM-63) have been designed to fit standard industry footprints of pneumatic cylinders and can easily facilitate system conversion. Motor adapter kits enable users to connect the motor package of their choice and easily program motor profiles. Load capacities range from 300 to 5,400 N, stroke lengths range from 50 to 800 mm, and speeds from 60 to 1,060 mm/s can be achieved.
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Image - Product Spotlight: <br>Self-regulating heating cables
Product Spotlight:
Self-regulating heating cables

Heat Trace 2700 Series Self-Regulating Heating Cables from Heat Trace Products provide freeze protection and process temperature maintenance for fluid transport and storage systems. They feature a multilayer construction and supply a specified amount of heat at any point along their length in direct response to local temperature variations. Capable of maintaining temps up to 150 deg F, with intermittent exposure to 185 deg F, these cables are offered in output wattages of 3-, 5-, 8-, and 10-W/ft at 50 deg F. They will not overheat or burn out when overlapped, and they can be cut to length and terminated in the field.
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Most popular last issue

Image - Stormtroopers beware: Army explores futuristic uniform for Special Ops
Stormtroopers beware: Army explores futuristic uniform for Special Ops
Army researchers are responding to a request from the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for technologies to help develop a revolutionary Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS). TALOS is an advanced infantry uniform that promises to provide superhuman strength with greater ballistic protection.
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Faster, stronger, lighter: New technique advances carbon-fiber composites
For the next generation of commercial jets, researchers are looking to even stronger and lighter materials, such as composites made with carbon fibers coated with carbon nanotubes. But a significant hurdle to making these composites lies at the nanoscale.
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Bye bye hydrazine: Powerful 'green' spacecraft fuel will propel a mission in 2015
In 2015, NASA, for the first time, will fly a space mission using a radically different propellant -- one that has reduced toxicity and is environmentally benign. This energetic ionic liquid, or EIL, is quite different from the historically employed hydrazine-based propellant, which was first used as a rocket fuel during World War II for the Messerschmitt Me 163B (the first rocket-powered fighter plane).
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Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
Multiple-axis robot joints
igus® has applied its plastics expertise to develop multiple-axis robot joints. New robolink® will be welcomed by robot developers who were forced to source complex custom solutions until now. The corrosion-resistant joints are controlled by cable tension just as the human body guides its bones and tendons. Data cables are routed through the jointed arms, which act as the robot's skeleton. These cables convey images, acoustics and forces -- the artificial senses of humanoid robots.
Find out more and see robolink® joints in action.

Video Image
Minimizer tests 3D-printed truck fenders
Engineers at Minimizer, a manufacturer of plastic parts for the heavy-truck industry, road test their semi-truck fender parts with functional prototypes 3D printed in black ULTEM 9085, a high-performance thermoplastic. They use a big Fortus FDM (fused deposition modeling) machine from Stratasys to make the working prototypes.
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