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December 06, 2011Volume 07 Issue 45

Image - Stainless Steel Retaining Rings From Stock
Stainless Steel Retaining Rings From Stock
Smalley has over 6,000 Spirolox® Retaining Rings in 302 and 316 stainless steel from stock in 1/4" to 16" diameters. Specials can be manufactured from .200" to 90". Smalley's manufacturing process allows for the economical production of stainless steel retaining rings. Spiral-type retaining rings are interchangeable with stamped ring grooves and have No Ears To Interfere™ with the assembly. Free samples are available of stock parts to test in your application.
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In this issue of Designfax

  • EMC: Achieving full compliance on the first try
  • John Deere wins 2011 Swedish Steel Prize
  • Paper-based sensor detects explosives
  • Wheels: Microscopic plastic cells win Ford an award
  • Mike Likes: SpaceMouse Pro
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Soldier rip-away connectors
  • Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
    • NEW! 'Cinder blocks' made from recycled paper
    • Multi-material 3D printing system
  • Most Popular Last Issue
    • LEDs empower lightning-fast computing
    • Humvee burns 70% less fuel
    • Rebuilding American manufacturing
  • New Products
    • Electrical, Mechanical, Motion, Special: Fluid Power
    Cover Image: Rip-away connectors for soldier systems [Illustration: ITT]


BMW features color head-up display initially developed for aviation

3M innovations recognized as "Best of What's New" by Popular Science Magazine

Helicopter-borne guided rockets hit fast-moving targets in ONR test

TRW introduces innovative roof airbag technology for cars

Image - NASA motion control:<br>Stepper motors crucial to magnetosphere mission
NASA motion control:
Stepper motors crucial to magnetosphere mission

NASA is rocketing four measurement probes into space in August 2014 to research the influence of the Earth's magnetosphere on our modern world. Each of the satellites contains four stepper-motor gear units provided by MICROMO, U.S.A. The motors are tasked with winding and unwinding 60-m-long measurement cables. These compact, easy-to-control, and lightweight microdrives must tolerate short-term overloads, be resistant to extreme cold and heat, and always be ready for action.
Read all about this exciting space application

Feature articles
EMC: Achieving full compliance on the first try
Numerous obstacles can prevent a company from meeting the market window for a new product. For those that create electrical and electronic products, one of the major obstacles can be electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). EMC compliance is closely regulated in most countries, and all products must achieve full compliance for every country in which they will be sold. Agilent's Dennis Handlon walks you through the process.
John Deere wins 2011 Swedish Steel Prize
Deere & Company (John Deere, U.S.A.) was named the winner of the 2011 Swedish Steel Prize on November 17 for its redesigned harvester header. By using high-strength steels, the company has developed combines that harvest crops more efficiently while meeting stringent engine emissions requirements.
Paper-based wireless sensor could help detect explosive devices
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a prototype wireless sensor capable of detecting trace amounts of a key ingredient found in many explosives. The device is printed on paper or paper-like material using standard inkjet technology.
Tiny cell technology used in Ford Escape wins top plastics engineering award

Microscopic cells are helping to save weight, and ultimately fuel, in Ford vehicles, starting with the instrument panel of the all-new Escape.

Image - Mike Likes: SpaceMouse Pro <br>Revolutionize the way you interact with digital 3D content
Mike Likes: SpaceMouse Pro
Revolutionize the way you interact with digital 3D content

SpaceMouse Pro is the newest 3D mouse for professional 3D software users. This unit combines 3Dconnexion's patented six-degrees-of-freedom sensor for intuitive and precise 3D navigation with an advanced ergonomic design and innovative on-screen display. Five QuickView keys offer one-touch access to 12 view combinations. Four large, fully customizable Intelligent Function Keys provide fingertip access to frequently used application commands. And that's just for starters. It's not too late to ask Santa for one of these. PC only.
Learn more about SpaceMouse Pro from 3Dconnexion
Engineer's Toolbox:
Rip-away connectors reduce size, weight in modern wearable soldier systems

ITT Corp. has developed a rugged, lightweight, "no-profile" interconnect system designed specifically for wearable and portable military equipment used in modern warfare.

Most popular last issue
LEDs empower next-gen, lightning-fast computing
A team at Stanford's School of Engineering has demonstrated an ultra-fast nanoscale light-emitting diode (LED) that is able to transmit data at 10 billion bits per second 10 times the speed of any current computer. The nanophotonics device is a major step forward for on-chip data transmission.
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Engineer's Toolbox:
Humvee burns 70% less fuel

The Fuel Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator, dubbed "FED Alpha," has a solar panel on its rear hatch that can recharge its electrical system. It also has a custom engine, transmission, and a score of other features that dramatically increase its mileage per gallon compared to other Humvees.
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What will it take to make an American manufacturing comeback?
At the MIT manufacturing summit, the emphasis was on keeping high-skill jobs in the United States and creating workers with the talents to fill those positions.
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Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
NEW! 'Cinder blocks' made from recycled paper boast advantages
It looks similar to an ordinary cinder block, but it is only a third of the weight and just as strong. Plus, it does not crack like concrete or splinter like wood, because it is made from recycled newspapers, phone books, and lottery tickets. Zach Rabon, a 1999 graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in ecology and conservation of natural resources, is president and founder of MasonGreenstar, an alternative building company that produces a patented product called Greenstar Blox. Blox are jagged and porous, but when stacked and adhered with mortar, the walls act as insulation that is energy efficient, fire resistant, and remarkably strong. See the Lubbock construction site and learn more about the testing process.
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Video Image
Incredible multi-material 3D printing system
The office-friendly Objet260 Connex 3D printer comes with a choice of over 60 different build materials. From these it can simultaneously build 14 different materials into a single model part, providing a highly accurate idea of how even complex or assembled end products will look and perform. Simulate anything from rubber to transparency to rigid ABS-grade engineering plastics even mixing and matching materials to create totally new properties!
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