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December 20, 2011Volume 07 Issue 47

Image - Free Gates Power Transmission Drive Design Software
Free Gates Power Transmission Drive Design Software
Gates offers a broad range of design products for both basic and complex power transmission drives. Design a two-point drive from scratch, or modify an existing drive integrating Gates technology, with free Design Flex® Pro™ software. For multi-point drives try Design IQ®. All Gates tools are backed by product application engineers available to collaborate on unique design solutions. For more information, visit

In this issue of Designfax

  • Slapshot robot tests hockey sticks
  • High-speed chilling takes a leap forward
  • Kilobots make moves to leave the nest
  • Wheels: Advanced high-strength steels empower automakers
  • Mike Likes: Rexroth eBooks for mobile devices
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Wind turbines use MRI tech
  • Turbocharge your electromagnetics design
  • Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
    • Super-bolting made simple
    • 3D med device prototypes are big hit
  • Most Popular Last Issue
    • Laser sintering: EOS' new age of manufacturing
    • Wheels: Plug-in benefits depend on battery size
  • New Products
    • Electrical, Mechanical, Motion, Special: Materials
    Cover Image: World's lightest material created [Photo by Dan Little©, HRL Laboratories, LLC]


Study says hybrids have lower injury odds than conventional cars

Army tests new spacesuit concepts at Fort Irwin

Latest iRobot Seaglider underwater vehicle allows for increased payload capabilities

Researchers develop 'world's lightest material'

Image - Gear and gearbox optimization made easy
Gear and gearbox optimization made easy
In response to the gear market's need for optimization software, which has been lacking for many years, Excel-Lent gear/gearbox design and analysis software has been developed by Excel Gear (Roscoe, IL) and written in Visual Basic.Net. This thorough and powerful tool was created by engineers who also design and manufacture gears for their own use.
Read about what Excel Gear software can do for you

Feature articles
Slapshot robot aims to create game-changing hockey sticks
With the widespread adoption of composite ice hockey sticks over the past decade, frequent stick breakage is all too common. But Hockey Robotics, with the help of MapleSim software and a hot-shot robot, is aiming to change all that.
High-speed chilling keeps processed food out of the bacterial danger zone
The rapid chilling of cooked products is particularly beset with challenging temperature parameters that, if violated, can open the door to product contamination. The latest development in chillers for food processors, Lyco Manufacturing's Easy-Flow, represents a quantum shift in cooling speed.
Kilobots make moves to leave the nest
Computer scientists and engineers at Harvard University have developed and licensed technology that will make it easy to test collective algorithms on hundreds, or even thousands, of tiny robots.
Advanced high-strength steels enable automakers to meet tough new standards

Advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) are the fastest-growing automotive lightweighting material and will be key to automakers as they look to meet tough new emissions standards.

Image - Mike Likes:<br>Rexroth eBooks for mobile devices
Mike Likes:
Rexroth eBooks for mobile devices

Bosch Rexroth has developed a slick new informational tool for engineers and OEM project managers on the go: The Rexroth GoTo eBook. Optimized for iPad, it combines all current GoTo Focused Delivery Program catalogs into an easy-to-use digital format, with added features such as embedded videos, helpful white papers, and links to online Rexroth resources. Rexroth‘s most popular electric drives and controls, hydraulics, pneumatics, linear motion, and aluminum structural framing products are presented. E-reader platforms like the Kindle, Nook, and other systems are also supported.
Check out the Rexroth eBooks
Engineer's Toolbox:
Magnet technology used to develop high-power wind turbines

GE researchers are applying 30+ years of experience creating superconducting magnets for MRI systems to design an advanced generator for large-scale wind power.

Image - Turbocharge your electromagnetics design
Turbocharge your electromagnetics design
MotorSolve v2.6 includes several new features: synchronous reluctance motor templates, improved loss predictions, and enhanced stator winding modeling with 3D viewing and more accurate end-effect calculations. Motor efficiency can be determined with greater accuracy due to improved loss predictions. Mechanical factors such as friction, windage, and stray losses can now be accounted for.
Download a no-cost trial of MotorSolve

Most popular last issue
Laser sintering:
EOS envisions new age of manufacturing; tops 1,000 systems

Once a technology reserved for prototyping test parts, high-end equipment from EOS now produces custom designs that defy the limits of traditional manufacturing.
Read the full article
Study finds benefits of plug-in vehicles depend on battery size

Thinking about buying a new plug-in vehicle? You may want to check the size of its battery first.
Read the full article

Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
Super-bolting made simple
Don't bust a gut like the guy pictured here. Multi-Jackbolt tensioners from Superbolt make large-diameter bolting safer for workers, reduce installation times, and best yet are super easy — only hand/air tools are required for any diameter nut or bolt. Watch "The Simple Solution To Bolting Problems," then check out the Superbolt 32-page catalog and the application example brochures.
View the video

Video Image
3D med device prototypes are big hit
Kablooe Design has worked with some of the nation's largest medical technology companies creating prototypes for medical devices that have changed the way patients are treated, significantly improving quality of life for thousands of people. This insightful video explains how the company saved at least $250,000 and 12 to 14 weeks using the RedEye On Demand service and fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing technology for only one med device prototype.
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Video Image

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