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September 04, 2012Volume 08 Issue 33

Image - ID/OD Retaining Ring Lock
ID/OD Retaining Ring Lock
Spirolox® Retaining Rings can operate in an internal and external groove at the same time. Install the ring in one groove and then compress the ring with the mating component into the second groove. When the grooves meet, the ring snaps into place creating a low-cost, hidden, high-strength, tamper-proof rotating joint. Over 6,000 rings are stocked from 1/4" to 16" diameters in carbon and stainless steel, specials up to 120".

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In this issue of Designfax

  • 6 plastic product design principles
  • The latest in silicone/thermoplastic parts molding
  • DARPA soft robots hide in plain sight
  • Wheels: CNC retrofit speeds NASCAR wheel production
  • Mike Likes: Harness Expert
  • Engineer's Toolbox: Army projectile-catching test system
  • Quick Look: Rapid prototyping for linear motion
  • Quick Look: Plastic bearings are metal detectable
  • Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
    • Super-easy robot programming
    • Lead screw vs. ball screw tech
  • Most Popular Last Issue
    • Underwater solar energy
    • Electric ships spur natural-gas-tanker boom
    • Laser-sintering soars in UAV industry
  • New Products
    • Electrical, Mechanical, Motion
    Cover Image: DARPA's soft, silicone robots change color for camouflage


Eaton to develop predictive battery management technology for hybrid vehicles

170 tons: MAG completes mammoth portal mill built to produce large diesel engines and massive industrial components

Total Car Score names top 10 gas-saving technologies for 2013

Study: Light from self-luminous tablets can affect melatonin, sleep

Image - Micromotors Give Soccer Robots the Winning Edge
Micromotors Give Soccer Robots the Winning Edge
A computer is now almost unbeatable at table soccer. That's the bad news. The good news is, when you lose you don't have to buy it a beer! Computers with modern processor technology and optical image processing via cameras are deployed for data input and evaluation in the game setup, with durable, high-speed DC motors from MICROMO performing as actuators to make the super-fast physical computer response all possible.

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Feature articles
6 plastic product design principles
The rapid development of modern 3D CAD systems has facilitated a move to more organic forms and ever-increasing geometry complexity. Just think about the change in design from the conventional box-shaped vacuum cleaner to the modern Dyson.

This article focuses on design fundamentals like wall thickness, rib designs, and draft angles and the impact they have when it comes to complexity vs. manufacturability.
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Image -
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The latest in silicone/thermoplastic parts molding
The practice of bonding Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) to rigid thermoplastic parts has traditionally consisted of molding the individual elements separately and then assembling them into a completed product using adhesives. Today, companies like Rogan Corporation have taken that process one huge step further - by molding Bondable Liquid Silicone Rubbers (BLSR) and thermoplastics using a two-step molding process. This article includes 6 Critical Design Considerations for BLSR/thermoplastic molding.
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DARPA soft robots hide in plain sight
DARPA foresees robots of many shapes and sizes contributing to a wide range of future defense missions. One new class of biologically inspired creations includes molded soft robots that use microfluidic networks embedded inside them for camouflage or to glow.
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Image - Wheels: <br>Advanced CNC retrofit speeds NASCAR wheel production
Advanced CNC retrofit speeds NASCAR wheel production

An advanced CNC retrofit of a spin-forming lathe is providing a platform for substantial gains in manufacturing efficiency for the NASCAR wheel supplier Aero Race Wheels, Inc. Productivity improvements as a result of the NUM Corporation retrofit include faster batch changeovers, tighter process control, and automated program generation for new parts.
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Image - Mike Likes: <br>Harness Expert
Mike Likes:
Harness Expert

U.K. company EPLAN has taken over the development and sales rights to Harness Expert, an easy-to-use software suite that fully supports all aspects of wire-harness engineering. Typical harness or wiring loom design processes are shown by the software in 3D. All 2D production documents are produced by the system, which allows comprehensive openness when it comes to the import and export of third-party systems in design, administration, and production. Integration between EPLAN's Electric P8 program and Harness Expert provides all relevant wiring information, such as wire specifications, source/target information, and bundle and socket assignments, creating an integrated workflow that reduces engineering time and costs.
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Engineer's Toolbox:
A look inside the Army's projectile-catching SCat test system

Why would the U.S. Army want to fire a 155-mm projectile into 540 ft of steel catch tubes and then recover the projectile at the other end? The answer is actually quite simple: It saves time, money, and helps to develop better products.
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Image - Quick Look:  <br>Rapid prototyping for linear motion
Quick Look:
Rapid prototyping for linear motion

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a division of AMETEK/Precision Motion Control, has invested more than $1 million in new manufacturing resources to be able to provide Rapid Prototype Services on the Kerk brand of leadscrew assemblies, spline and guide rails, and their RGS and ScrewRail linear actuators. Qualifying engineering programs can have production-quality prototypes of custom configurations as quickly as one week from design release. This includes assemblies with Kerkite high-performance composite polymers and Kerkote TFE coating.
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Image - Quick Look:<br>Maintenance-free igubal plastic bearings now metal detectable
Quick Look:
Maintenance-free igubal plastic bearings now metal detectable

igus is now offering a new extension to its igubal product line: a polymer material that can be recognized by metal detectors. This is an especially great feature for equipment used in food processing. The complete igubal range includes lubrication- and maintenance-free rod end bearings and clevis joints, flanged units, press-fit and pedestal bearings. Both the housing and spherical balls are made from detectable plastic. Standard metal-detection systems can detect all potential plastic residues, even down to the tiniest particle, and then select these for rejection.
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Most popular last issue
Photovoltaic cells developed to tap underwater solar energy
Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Electronics Science and Technology Division, are diving into underwater photovoltaic research to develop high-bandgap solar cells capable of producing sufficient power to operate electronic sensor systems at depths of 9 m.
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Electric ships spur natural-gas-tanker boom
Electric ship propulsion is helping to stoke a global boom in liquefied natural gas (LNG). Ten years ago, GE's power conversion unit built a propulsion system for the first electric LNG tanker. Today, the GE technology is powering 30 such ships.
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Laser-sintering technology soars in rapidly evolving UAV industry
Watch the skies: More and more, you'll see unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) doing both commercial and public work.
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Videos+: Technologies and inspiration in action
New Danish robot aims to eliminate all automation barriers
If you are going to the big IMTS show in Chicago the second week of September, take a couple minutes to check out the UR5 robotic arm manufactured by Universal Robots. Deemed "The world's most innovative robot" by the International Federation of Robotics and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, the lightweight and flexible 6-axis UR5 (and its big brother UR10) totally redefine the plug-and-play-and-program concept. The robots are delivered with everything that is required for programming, including the controller box, touchscreen, and software. UR5 can handle 5-kilo loads; UR10 muscles 10 kilos.
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Video Image
Lead screw vs. ball screw technology
Jeff Johnson, Thomson screw product engineer, says ball screws and lead screws can sometimes be used in the same applications. Typically, ball screws are used in industry applications that need a lot of load or life, while lead screws are used in smaller, lighter-duty applications. Lead screws, however, are highly customizable with the ability to interchange leads, sizes, and nut configurations quickly. Watch this video to learn more differences.
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Video Image

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