'My experience with Nelson Publishing goes back 44 years. We've consistently tracked great quality, value, AND sales back to leads our clients have received from Designfax. Fact.'
--- Tim Daro, President, Bernard & Company


Designfax - Technology for OEM Design Engineers was launched as an exclusive online and emailed publication in October 2005. 2024 marks the 45th year since Designfax's founding. Our primary target audience has always been the OEM Design Engineer.

Digital publishing offers a more effective way to reach the market and engage our industry. Our readers are immersed in Designfax content that reaches our qualified audience of over 50,000 OEM Design Engineers. Regular issues are 48 times per year, sent on Tuesdays.

Trade advertising and brand building are necessary to stay relevant in today's fast-changing marketplace. Trade advertising budgets can make a significant impact on brand awareness.

Advertising in Designfax builds branding awareness, web traffic, and provides full contact LEADS -- LEADS that you can convert to SALES. Take advantage of our digital format and represent your company with advertising, including links to video and interactive elements, to better brand your company and your products while engaging current and future customers.

'Designfax continues to be an effective and economical way to get the word out about Goodfellow's products and services. The audience is right, and the results are consistent.'
--- Linda Barker, Director, Editorial Services, Influence Media LLC


'Designfax connects us, year after year, with design and manufacturing engineers who value high-precision motion control solutions.'
--- Beth Pitman, Marketing, PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

Subscribers to the weekly publication (48 issues a year) are high-level OEM Design Engineers and Engineering Managers who operate in a broad range of manufacturing industries, including automotive, aerospace, appliances, medical equipment, transportation, computer process controls, industrial equipment, and more.

Primary content focuses on the latest exciting applications and products that benefit from Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical, Motion Control, Fluid Power, and Materials engineering, including articles on powerful software programs that serve as a primary engineering tool. Continually developing technologies in Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and Automation are also featured often.

Designfax has always balanced the reader's 'need to know' against the time available 'to find out.' Our great mix of new technology and products delivered in a weekly cycle offers an informative, technical, and even entertaining way to stay current without being bogged down by information saturation. We focus on the relevant and the important -- simply put, it's quality content over quantity of content. Our readers agree.

'I do not read all that comes across my email these days, but I tend to look at DesignFax, as it often has something of interest and useful to me.'
--- Jim D., Chief Engineer at a major U.S. sensor designer and manufacturer


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Designfax is part of Nelson Publishing, which will celebrate its 63rd anniversary in 2024 as an essential source of business-to-business information.

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